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Flea-Market Finds: Convergence comics

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since DC Comics undertook its ill-conceived Convergence event. While it did bridge the publisher’s ailing New 52 brand for its superhero line to the successful Rebirth reboot, Convergence and its “who’d win” approach to character conflict was handled inconsistently and illogically. That being said, the extensive array of two-part spinoff titles, focusing on different characters from different eras of DC’s history, offered some entertainment value. There were so many of them, though, demanding a hefty price ($3.99 US per issue), that there didn’t seem to be any point and trying to collect them all. I picked up a handful, mainly those featuring a few characters and the work of creators that interested me.

Like many comic shops, my local retailer had quite a few leftover Convergence comics lying around. Not long ago, they bundled a bunch of those two-part series together at discounted prices, and a subsequent blowout sale of those marked-down bundles offered me a chance to sample some more of these Convergence titles at pennies on the dollar. As was the case the first time around, I found a mixed bag. Some stories were compelling and novel, while others were scattered and confusing. Here my some thoughts on some of them…

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Seeing Red

X-Men: Red #1
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Colors: Ive Svorcina
Letters: Cory Petit
Cover artists: Travis Charest (regular)/Dan Mora and Charest (variants)
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
Price: $3.99 US

It’s been three years since I read an X-Men comic, and Marvel’s line of mutant Comics hasn’t interested me as of late. I know it basically relaunched that line with a number of new titles, none of which really grabbed me. However, I try not to review only the comics I think I’ll like. If I did that, I wouldn’t really be reviewing comics, but rather serving is a cheerleader for select corner of the industry. So I decided to take a look this week at one of these new X-Men titles. With X-Men: Red #2, I was surprised and impressed with what I found. Writer Tom Taylor has crafted a story here that gets back to the roots of the property as an allegory for social change and justice. While those concepts are handled intelligently though, what really grabbed me were the powerful personalities of the characters and the delightful sense of humor that Taylor has instilled in the script.

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