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Water, Water Everywhere…

Little Girl # 1
“Chapter One: Shalt Not”
Writer: Pat Shand
Artist/Cover artist: Olivia Pelaez
Colors: Fran Gamboa & J.C. Ruiz
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Devil’s Due Comics/1First Comics
Price: $3.99 US each

Pat Shand is most closely associated with the Zenescope brand, and it’s one that’s been built on buxom reinterpretations of storybook characters, and that doesn’t appeal to me. But as Shand demonstrates with this horror title, he’s capable of more mature and interesting fare. At first glance, Little Girl is a comic that seeks to capitalize on the prevalence of the image of the drenched, creepy, long-haired girl in Japanese horror films and Western adaptations, and in a text piece in the back of the first issue, Shand acknowledges the inspiration. But he does something a little different with it here. I was drawn in by the story, more from the fact that every player in the drama is deeply flawed and dishonest. Nevertheless, the writer makes them relatable, even sympathetic, as they make poor choices and struggle with relationships. This is a mature and thoughtful story, illustrated perfectly in an angular, exaggerated style that amps up the tension – both interpersonal and supernatural.

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