Daily Archives: October 8, 2018

Reign the Swamp

Jook Joint #1
Writer: Tee Franklin
Artist: Alitha Martinez
Colors: Shari Chankhamma
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover artists: Martinez (regular)/Mike Hawthorne (variant)
Editor: Brendan Wright
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99 US

Tee Franklin is the real deal, folks. She has quickly emerged as a powerful and resonant voice in comics, and you’d do well to sit up and take notice of her. Her first big splash was this year’s Bingo Love, one of the best graphic novels I’ve read in 2018. And with Jook Joint, she demonstrates that fantastic debut was no fluke. Furthermore, she proves she’s a versatile writer as well, as the tone of this book is much harsher, much more intense and significantly angrier. And for good cause. The timing of Jook Joint couldn’t be better, given last week’s controversial events in American politics and justice (though some would understandably argue what occurred was far from justice). Jook Joint would have been written at least several months, well ahead of the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation vote, but the anger in America and abroad seems perfectly reflected in this story of a horrific #MeToo movement before its time.

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Spectrum Visions

Rainbow Brite #1
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Britney Williams
Colors: Valentina Pinto
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover artists: Paulina Ganucheau, Tony Fleecs & “Classic Art”
Editor: Kevin Ketner
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $3.99 US

Rainbow Brite? There’s a Rainbow Brite comic? And I’m reviewing it? Really?

Really. Writer Jeremy Whitley sent a digital review copy of this latest licensed-property adaptation, and while I had absolutely no interest or knowledge of Rainbow Brite, I decided to give it a look, based solely on the strength of the creative reputations of the writer and artist, Britney Williams. While this book definitely wasn’t crafted with a middle-aged comics enthusiast in mind, it was crafted adeptly and will appeal to younger readers. I can’t go so far as to call Rainbow Brite and all-ages comic, but it’s a perfect comic to put in the hands of young girls will an interest in reading, adventure and wonder.

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