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Web of Lies

Superior Spider-Man #1
Writer: Christos Gage
Pencils: Mike Hawthorne
Inks: Wade von Grawbadger
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Virtual Calligraphy’s Clayton Cowles
Cover artists: Travis Charest (regular) Mike Hawthorne, Marco Djurdjevic, Emanuela Lupacchino, John Buscema and Skottie Young (variants)
Editor: Nick Lowe
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
Price: $3.99 US

Given the recent release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in theatres, the timing of this latest Spidey spinoff title is great. There’s definitely an interest out there in alternate versions of the familiar web-slinging hero, so bringing back the Otto Octavuis incarnation of the hero makes sense. However, he comes with a lot of baggage. The character’s history is convoluted, but writer Christos Gage does good job of providing the much-needed exposition. Still, there are some obscure and pretty random characters involved in this story, so even a longtime super-hero comics readers such as myself will find themselves feeling a little lost at times. Furthermore, this new title apparently flows from the events of Spider-Geddon, which serves as another barrier to accessibility. But the greatest challenge with this second go-around for Superior Spider-Man is the central protagonist’s arrogance; this is a story of a quest for redemption, but getting the audience to root for such an unlikeable figure seems daunting to me.

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Career Counselling

I Moved to Los Angeles to Work in Animation original graphic novel
Writer/Artist/Cover artist: Natalie Nourigat
Editor: Shannon Watters
Publisher: Boom! Studios/Boom! Box imprint
Price: $9.99 US/$11.99 US/£7.50 UK

This skinny little book showed up on my doorstep a little while ago, and I’ve been picking away at it over the last couple of weeks. It’s truly a different kind of book, not the sort of read I typically delve into, but I found I enjoyed the change of pace. I didn’t know much about the book or its creator before opening it up, so I had expected something of a memoir, and there are segments here that fit that bill. But the material is much more matter-of-fact in tone. Nourigat offers something of a how-to guide to a career in animation, peppered with caveats about how one’s mileage will vary. But it’s not just about a specific industry and career, but how to navigate the titular locale. People with an eye to a viable career in illustration and art will no doubt find this book of interest, but it’s relatable for just about anyone who faces a big move, a big change, or who’s experienced such moments in their lives already.

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