Daily Archives: May 25, 2019

“Fixed… With Tape”

When I was a lot younger, before there was a comic shop in my hometown, my main source of comics was a convenience store. My weekly visit to the spinner rack was like a chance to worship, and I’d brave any weather to get there. (And remember, I live in Canada.) But there were secondary sources for comics during my childhood – namely, used book stores and flea markets. They were wonderful and affordable means for me to add to my collection and expand the size of the fantastic universes I loved to visit.

These days, the entire world can be a flea market, thanks to the internet. And while I love the hunt for a bargain, online or in person, I also keep running into people looking to capitalize on the popularity of comics today, regardless of any knowledge about the medium and marketplace. I find these instances infuriating.

Case in point: an example of rampant greed and cluelessness on Kijiji.

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