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Genre Splicing

Pulp original graphic novel
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist/Cover artist: Sean Phillips
Colors: Jacob Phillips
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $16.99 US

At first glance, this book seems as though it’s Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ foray into the Western genre, and to a limited extent, it is. But it’s most definitely not limited to that. The title refers to the broader umbrella of genres that were featured in the pulp fiction of 1930s America, just before the emergence and rise of comics. The creators bring together a Western outlaw and the urban anti-hero that would arise decades later and combine them into a compelling protagonist. While the plot and characterization are engrossing, the title and the two-pronged approach to the story belie the fact that this is an experiment in and commentary on the notion of genre in general.

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