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The End of the World As He Knows It

Geiger #1
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colors: Brad Anderson
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover artists: Gary Frank, Erik Larsen & Jason Fabok
Editor: Pat McCallum
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99 US

I’d heard something about Geiger in passing a while back, so when I caught a glimpse of it among the new releases this week at the comic shop, I grabbed a copy. I’ve followed writer Geoff Johns’s career for a couple of decades now, and for the most part, his work either managed to entertain and really resonate with me. But what really piqued my interest was his decision to delve into a creator-owned property outside of DC Comics, even as his creative career has been wholly linked to that comics publisher and other-media adaptations of its characters (and continues to be, as far as I can tell). Geiger is the kind of story that works better outside of the confines of a shared super-hero continuity despite boasting of the conventions of the genre. Ultimately, Geiger is a solid read, diverting and riveting when it opts to embrace a thoroughly dark tone, but the storytelling here feels like a patchwork of influences, a Frankenstein’s Monster of pop culture.

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