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A Shot in the Dark

Bullet Points #1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist/Colors/Cover artist: Tommy Lee Edwards
Letters: John Workman
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Price: $2.99 US/$3.75 CAN
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Elseworlds. What If?. “Imaginary” stories. Alternate-continuity plots have been a staple of shared-universe super-hero comics for decades, even before the Silver Age. These stories tend to be a payoff for diehard fans of the characters themselves, people who want to see a different spin on familiar figures. I know I enjoy such stories, as long as they’re executed well. Sometimes, the emphasis is on action and fun, and at others, the writer’s aim is to bring a darker, more mature tone to the characters, or perhaps a tragic one. Bullet Points definitely falls into the latter category, but the question readers will want answer is whether or not it’s executed well. Straczynski’s script is intriguing but hasn’t hooked me yet. Fortunately, Tommy Lee Edwards’s artwork always hits the mark.

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The Cure for What Ails You

Doctor Strange: The Oath #1
“The Oath, Chapter One”
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils/Cover artist: Marcos Martin
Inks: Alvaro Lopez
Colors: Javier Rodriguez
Letters: Willie Schubert
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99 US/$3.75 CAN

With Brian K. (Runaways, Y: The Last Man) Vaughan listed as the writer on this limited series, there was no way I was going to miss the book. But to be honest, I didn’t expect much more than an entertaining supernatural, super-hero yarn. As I made my way through this debut issue, that’s exactly what I found. Vaughan offers some solid drama and sharp humor, and artist Marcos Martin captures the same kind of vibe that the original and ultimate Dr. Strange artist — Steve Ditko — brought to the character four decades ago. So figured I was definitely getting my money’s worth… and then I hit the last page and realized I got so much more.

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Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry…

Astonishing X-Men #17
Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist/Cover artist: John Cassaday
Colors: Laura Martin
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99 US/$3.75 CAN

Everyone daydreams about his or her future. About the perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect life. For some, it involves riches and wild times that never end. A few years ago, that’s what it meant to me. Now, I’m in a great relationship, and I was honestly surprised when her dreams of a small family and a comfortable home became my own. At first, I wanted it because she did, and I wanted to make her dream come true. But slowly but surely, I started thumbing through the paper’s real-estate insert of my own accord. I started taking notice of babies and of the possibilities that lay ahead. The opening scene in this comic book delves into such a promise, into such a dream, and it explores the pain of someone using that dream against you. Whedon offers up an exciting, well-balanced script full of emotion and drama with a touch of humor, all brought to life in convincing detail by artist John Cassaday.

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Cloning Around

Ultimate Spider-Man #100
“Clone Saga, Part 4”
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils/Cover artist: Mark Bagley
Inks: John Dell & Drew Hennessy
Colors: Justin Ponsor
Letters: Virtual Calligraphy
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99 US/$4.75 CAN

One hundred issues in six years, all by the same creative team. It’s actually quite an accomplishment on several levels, especially in the context of the comic-book industry today. Bendis and Bagley took the title character back to his roots as a regular teenage kid who finds himself in way over his head on a regular basis and added to it more modern sensibilities. Bendis built a solid foundation for the series by keeping Peter Parker’s feet planted firmly on the ground, so it’s unfortunate that this milestone gets away from that strength.

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A British Invasion

Union Jack v.2 #1
“Enemies of the Crown”
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Pencils/Cover artist: Mike Perkins
Inks: Andrew Hennessy
Colors: Laura Villari
Letters: Virtual Calligraphy
Editor: Andy Schmidt
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99 US/$3.75 CAN

I stopped following Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run a couple of issues ago. Though I enjoyed the Winter Soldier subplot, the whole Invaders story arc struck me as just a rehash of past stories (as did the Cosmic Cube’s incorporation into the plot earlier in the series). As a result, my interest in this new Union Jack limited series was somewhat minimal, but when I heard about writer Christos Gage’s use of Israeli and Arab heroes in the story, my interest was piqued. I’m pleased I picked this book up. Politics are front and centre in this story, not the title character’s history. Gage has developed a plot that allows for the color and fun of super-hero action with the tension and intellect of a political thriller. I was also pleased to find that one needn’t have read recent issues of Cap (or any past Invaders comics) to follow this story.

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Criminal Tendencies

Criminal #1
“Coward, Part One of Five”
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist/Cover artist: Sean Phillips
Colors: Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel Comics/Icon imprint
Price: $2.99 US/$3.75 CAN

Those who have read Ed Brubaker’s foray into the espionage genre (by way of super-heroes and villains, in Sleeper) won’t be surprised at how well he pulls off a journey through an urban underworld in his latest project, Criminal.  This is classic Brubaker writing… dark, intense and engaging.  Actually, the writing seems so much like what we’ve seen from Brubaker in the past, it borders on the derivative.  Fortunately, it’s really good derivative stuff.  It may not be rare in the context of Brubaker’s comics CV.  And while there are other strong crime comics on the go right now, the genre’s not so prevalent that it doesn’t need another strong member among its ranks.

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